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    JJ Plastalloy Pvt. Ltd

    A2, Badshah Bagh Colony, Maldahiya


    +91 9889 008802

    Black Masterbatches products that are used extensively throughout the plastics industry are particularly suitable where special attributes are required. UV stability, high jetness, uniform distribution, resistance to high temperatures and friction reduction utilities are just some of the properties demanded by the customers' end products. We offer range of grades of Black Masterbatch for various applications such as films, Woven sacks, Sheets, and mouldings (Roto, blow, injection) mouldings and thermoforming. Black Masterbatches Suitable For. Sheet Extrusion Fibers, Wire & cable Irrigation and Drainage Pipe Roto Molding Injection Molding Thin Film Thick and Speciality film Garbage bags Blow Molding Engineering Plastics Compounding Sivathene Black Masterbatch consists of standard range of Black Masterbatch based on PE with ultrafine Carbon black to provide best effect on the product. Sivathene Black Master batch provides properties such as: High Dispersibility, food contact approvals, high jet ness, high loading and no agglomerates. It is compactable both with PE as well as PP. Advantages Sivathene Black Mastarbatch: Uniform particle size thus better mixing. Very High Jetness. High Brightness & shining. More Wheatherability properties Excellent dispersion with polymer. No Issues of bleed or bloom.



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